Friday, March 24, 2023

Victim of the dark night: by Tashvi Beria

Mia was sleeping when she heard the wooden flooring in the other room creek. Mia was a 23-year-old who lived independently. She lived quite a normal life. Hearing the creek, she had a jittery feeling that something bad was happening, so she picked up her torch and started to approach the bedroom to see what had happened. She stuttered while saying nothing. What she saw next made her heart come up to her throat. She saw a 6-foot-tall man admiring his knife. Mia's legs were stuck to the ground and her voice was gone. All of a sudden, he looked up. Mia screamed and woke up with a jolt. She was covered with sweat. She was horror-struck. She just considered it a dream and went back to sleep.

The next morning, she had woken up when the milkman arrived. She finished her quotidian routine. Just then, her phone started to ring. She answered it and heard the angry voice of her friend saying, “Mia! You told me that you would have finished the book before 10 a.m. I don’t care if you haven’t finished your work.” She rushed to the door and scuttled as fast as she could. She noticed something odd. All the streets were deserted which was very strange for a Saturday morning. She ignored it and kept walking. Then she saw a shadow cross by at the corner of her eye. She looked to her side, but there was nothing. She looked in the front and saw the same man again. She froze dead, her heart stopped and she screamed. She found herself quivering on the ground. She was befuddled. In a while, dismissing this as her imagination, she got up and returned the book. She went back home and decided to finish some work. She had been working for two hours so she took a break. While she was taking a break, the same incident repeated. She started to scream after seeing the man. This incident kept repeating and started to freak her out. This couldn’t just be a hallucination. She went down and told her friend about this. Her friend was astonished but didn’t really believe it but still agreed to accompany her. They both went to the church to finally put an end to this. When they arrived at the church, Mia’s friend rushed to a perspicacious father and said, “Father, Mia has been seeing things lately.” She narrated the whole story to him. The father said, “I think you're seeing things, my dear. This is not true ”  Mia couldn’t believe it! She stayed and argued for an hour. Not even the father believed her. Mia’s friend then said, “You have been arguing for 1 hour now; give it a rest! It’s late and we should get going.” Mia took her friend’s suggestion and returned home.

She was dead on her feet so she took this opportunity to think about what was happening. It suddenly hit her! History was repeating itself. How could she forget! When she was young, there was a case going on where a serial killer was on the loose. It was a Sunday night when Mia was woken up by the noises of thunder and lightning. Her mom had said, “I will be working till late night and the maid will go  back by 8 p.m, so don’t stay up late.” Mia felt another presence behind her. She looked back to see a tall man wearing all black holding a long sharp knife. She was petrified to realize that there was a serial killer in her house. She scuttered to the kitchen and hid there. She saw a shadow approach closer and closer. She grabbed the knife from the kitchen counter. Everything after that was hazy. She couldn’t really recall what happened but all she knew was that she had gotten rid of the serial killer for good. This had left a scar on her leg. She remembered why she couldn’t dance anymore. She had been dancing for 8 years before this accident. The psycho serial killer had come back. He had never died. He had never left her. She was brought back to reality by a loud crash. Before she could realize what was happening, she heard the words,- “I will never leave you and will have been haunting everybody’s soul for 22 years on the following Sunday. Say your goodbyes because your time is up.”

Written by:

Tashvi Beria

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Molly gets lost in a forest- by Sathvik Shashi


One day, Molly was roaming around. She went out of the city while walking. She realized she was lost in a forest. She saw a snake and ran away from there. She was very scared. It was getting dark. Molly wanted to go home, but she did not know the way. She saw a monkey. The monkey was intelligent. She asked the monkey for help. He told Molly that there was a magical tree somewhere and she must find it. The magical tree had a map that she could use to reach home. She immediately left to find the tree. After walking around for a few hours, she saw the magical tree. She asked the tree for the map. Then the tree gave the map to Molly. She followed the map and reached the city. She was very happy and relieved.

Written by:

Sathvik Shashi

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Poseidon meets Karen- by Aarav Maharjan


Poseidon crashed into this city that he had never seen before. Everyone in the city was perplexed and so was Poseidon as he had never seen these puny people before. He picked up one of the civilians and asked him elegantly, “Where is my trident?” The civilian was scared to the point that he was in tears, but Poseidon was just confused about how these people were so tiny and why a few people in weird white uniforms were pointing this small metallic thing in their palms, at him. Poseidon was scratching his head with confusion why all these civilians were acting so strange. Poseidon heard yelling coming from a distance, so he jumped over everyone and saw this lady with short blonde hair. She started yelling that he almost killed her with his trident, but everyone was confused as it had landed 3 meters away from her. As she realized it was not close to her, she went closer to the trident and lay down on the floor crying and telling the cops that this man had almost killed her. Poseidon got a bit scared, so he grabbed his trident and flew away, but the woman was not accepting this, so she yelled, “Where is the manager?”

Written by:
Aarav Maharjan

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

How Shiva and Zeus became BFFs: By Advay


There was this one day when Zeus looked down from the sky and thought he had to take a vacation to India. At about the same time, Lord Shiva (who lived in India himself) thought about going to Bangalore, a city in the south. They went there at the same time too, Zeus went by growing in size and walking there (Greek gods tend to do that) and Lord Shiva went by airplane. Zeus reached earlier than Shiva. He loved India! So many cars, buses, and buildings! The only thing that surprised him was that there were no temples! They must not have gods, He thought.

Zeus booked a hotel and went there. After three hours, in which Zeus managed to eat breakfast (a delicious cheese dosa) and lunch (roti, a type of flatbread made of wheat, and paneer ki sabzi, which is made of cottage cheese, and tomato gravy), Shiva arrived. By chance, he too booked the same hotel and ate dinner as usual. The following day, they met in the breakfast hall but didn’t recognize each other. Shiva and Zeus started talking and soon became fast friends. Soon they were going to the same places as each other and enjoying the sites.

Then one day Zeus thought, This place is beautiful! I must move here. So, after explaining the situation to Shiva, Zeus went back to his palace on Mount Olympus in Greece. There he packed his stuff and left for India. Once he reached there, Zeus found a nice, quiet place and built a house. Soon after, when he just finished installing a coffee table, Shiva came to visit. They talked for a while, and then they left to see a newly installed statue in the city’s center. Then Shiva had to go and Zeus went back home.

A few months later, Zeus decided to be a history teacher. When he went to the school, he saw a familiar face teaching the older kids, but he couldn’t figure out who it was. During the lunch break, he managed to recognize the face. It was Shiva! They talked for a while and were happy about the chance reunion.

Written by:

Advay Sahay

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Lord Vishnu teaches geometry- By Shaantam


One day, Yuga went to school. He was given a task on geometry.

He didn’t understand it. He went home with that homework. He tried to do that difficult geometry homework again. So, he started praying to Lord Vishnu. He asked Lord Vishnu to come to earth and help him with his geometry. Then Lord Vishnu appeared there. Yuga was happy to see him. Lord Vishnu promised him that he’d teach him geometry properly. He checked Yuga's book and helped Yuga with the answers. Yuga understood all the concepts. The next day, Lord Vishnu went to his school. He was visible only to Yuga, but not to anyone else in school. He saw Yuga writing the answers confidently. Lord Vishnu went back to his place happily. The next day Yuga scored the highest on his test. 

Written by:

Shaantam J.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

A vintage car in 3022: by Aarav Maharjan

Klay was driving around his neighborhood at 2 a.m. because he was bored and could not sleep. His engine suddenly stopped. He turned off the car and opened the trunk of the car to see what happened. When he stepped out, there was a huge gust of wind. The wind swept Klay and his car. The wind was so strong that Klay passed out. When Klay woke up, he saw things that were not in his room or were not invented. In a panic, he got out of bed and checked his phone. It was written September 20th 3022. Klay ran down, sat in his car, and started driving. He did not know what was happening. A robocop pulled him over.  People were crowding around Klay because for them, his car was vintage and elegant. The robocop called in a normal human police officer. When the police officer showed up, the police officer could only adore his car. Klay loved that people were surrounding him. Later that day, the news channels were all about Klay’s car as the most valuable and most expensive car in the world that was worth $100,000,000,00. Knowing that he would have a lot of money if he sold his car, he wanted to stay back in this world.

Written by:
Aarav Maharjan

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Shiva's lost snake- by Anjali


Lord Shiva was sleeping with his snake on his bed at night. When he woke up to find that his snake was missing, he kept a meeting with all the other gods to find his lost snake. No god had seen Lord Shiva’s snake. He thought that his lost snake would be on earth. So Lord Shiva dressed like a modern man. He put makeup on his blue skin for disguise. Then he jumped to earth. Lord Shiva went to the Whitehouse in the USA to meet John Dalton, the president of the USA. When John Dalton saw Shiva, he was shocked, “Who are you?” Lord Shiva introduced himself. John Dalton wondered what Lord Shiva wanted. Lord Shiva read his mind and told him to just help him find his snake. John Dalton had heard in the news that there was a snake in Denmark. Lord Shiva agreed to go to Denmark. Lord Shiva and John Dalton flew to Denmark. They searched everywhere. Lord Shiva felt exhausted. At last, John Dalton saw something shining behind the bushes. A snake jumped out of the bushes. John Dalton realized that it was Lord Shiva’s snake. Lord Shiva was ecstatic. He thanked John Dalton for finding his snake. 


Anjali Shashi Shekhar