Wednesday, October 6, 2021

The Magic Feather: A Review by Vaani Thakkar


About the reviewer: Vaani is an avid reader at Hangout Library. At the age of 8, she's totally into adventure and mystery books. She's a big fan of the A-Z mystery series and has finished a lot of chapter books at Hangout in a very short span of time. Kudos to you, Vaani, for being a fantastic reader.

This poster has been created by Anjali Sathya, another avid reader at Hangout. Thank you, Anju, for putting so much love and energy into this poster.

Monday, September 6, 2021

Axel the dragon: By Dhriti V


There once lived a vicious but friendly dragon whose name was Axel. Once while he was flying with his friends Arthur and Amcael, he heard someone shout, “Help me! Hurry before the witch comes back!” Axel was spellbound. He had never heard a voice so angelic before. So he told his friends, “Hey Arthur and Amcael! Can you hear that angelic voice?” Amcael was the one who replied. She said, "Yes I do! Who can that be?” Axel then said, “I think it might be Cycania, the lost princess.” Arthur and Amcael burst out laughing. “Guys, she is real. She got kidnapped by some crazy witch because she disturbed the witch accidentally!” Axel protested, but none of his friends believed him. So he left the group and followed the angelic sound. After hours of flying, he came upon a big castle. As he peeked in, he saw a giant ruby and a beautiful girl polishing it. “Cycania!” he whispered. The beautiful girl peeked out of the window and was scared to death. Then Axel told her not to worry because he was a harmless dragon. Cycania slowly patted him and said in a sweet little voice, “Are you that dragon Axel? Thank god you came. I have been trapped here for over 5 years! Let’s go before that horrid witch comes back!” Axel agreed and bowed down to let Cycania climb on. Then they took off into the sky. A few days later, they reached a humongous castle. They went in and the king and queen hugged Cyancania and dubbed the dragon as “Sir Axel Lord”. Since then, Axel became a royal dragon and never heard from his friends again. As for Cycania, she never went wandering again.

Written by:

Dhriti V