Monday, February 3, 2020

Poems: from P2N

When your little tykes decide to write poems, you feel overwhelmed by emotions!!

Image result for child brushing teeth
I had to brush,
But I didn't want to flush.
Because I had to rush
Mom asked if I had a crush
I blushed
I told my mom to hush

Written by:
Aarav Maharjan

Image result for child smelling flowers
Yesterday, I went to a mall
I found a toy stall
Then they gave me a bill
Which I needed to fill
They gave me flowers to smell
I felt funny and fell
Written by:

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Kristina got bullied- story by Sneha

It was a nice autumn morning and Kristina was cycling towards her school on her bike. “It’s so beautiful out here!”, she said to herself.
“Whoosh!” somebody ran by so fast.
“Hey! What was that weird noise?”, wondered Kristina. Suddenly, a raspy voice said. “Give me all your lunch money!” Kristina was shocked. She had been taking this route for the past 3 years, since 2nd grade. And this voice sounded a bit familiar...

Kristina then remembered that voice. It was the voice of Cassidy, her best friend who had been expelled from school last month because Kristina had set off the fire alarm in school accidentally, in the presence of Cassidy's arch-nemesis, Natalie. Natalie had told to our principal, Mr. Brown that Cassidy had pulled off the alarm. Cassidy got expelled and before she left the school, she said angrily “Why did you have to set off that alarm? It’s now all your fault that I’m getting expelled!
I’ll never, ever be friends with you again!” and with that, she stormed off. Kristina ran after Cassidy shouting, “Cassidy, wait! I’m very sorry about doing this!” But Cassidy turned a deaf ear towards her plea and marched out of the school.

Kristina’s reminiscence of that bitter memory brought her back to the loud voice. She asked “Cassidy? Is that you?” That raspy voice answered again. “ Yes, it’s me. From now onwards, every day, you must give me all your lunch money and starve during lunchtime.”

Kristina agreed sadly, and gave her the lunch money. This happened for a month. Every day, Kristina would give Cassidy her lunch money. Kristina’s mother and father started to notice that Kristina was becoming weaker and thinner. One day, she collapsed after lunch during her Science period. She went home with her mother. Her mother asked her, “Have you been eating lunch lately at school properly?” Kristina cried and told her mother how Cassidy bullied her into giving up her lunch money.

That night, Kristina’s mother told Kristina’s father about how Kristina was being bullied by Cassidy. Kristina’s father decided to arrange a meeting with Mr. Brown in the morning. In the meeting, Kristina’s father persuaded Mr. Brown to let Cassidy back into the school. After a long discussion, Mr. Brown finally gave in to Kristina’s father and they sent a letter of admission to Cassidy.

Soon, Cassidy stopped bullying Kristina and at school, they were best friends again. After a few days, Natalie came over to both of them and said, “Cassidy and Kristina, I’m very sorry about the way I used to behave with you. If you forgive me, can I also be your friend?”

After much thought, both Cassidy and Kristina agreed that Natalie could be their friend. From then onwards, Natalie, Cassidy, and Kristina became,

Best Friends Forever!

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

BULLY ATTACKS- written by Shwetha

It was a fine day at Mercer Middle School in Loudoun County. The breeze was gently playing with students’ hair as they rushed out of the buildings to find their respective buses and scramble to find a seat. But even in this huge party that kids’ feet played in, you could see amongst them a girl who walked alone. No one dared to talk to her. Why?

Well, she was a bully. A bully who didn’t talk to anyone.
A bully who looked like an angel. A bully who went by the name of Sophie Wood.

As soon as I stepped into Mercer, two student council members greeted me warmly and started to lead me to the front office, so that I could get my books and my schedule. As we walked past silent corridors, one of the members asked me what my name was. I said that my name was Agatha Diaz and that I had just moved from New York City. Hardly had the words come out from my mouth when we heard footsteps. Rounding the corner and having a mean smirk on her face, a girl with light, blonde hair, bright emerald-colored eyes, and freshly painted aqua nails that glistening in the light. She had on a designer dress that was till her knees. Who is this girl?

Both the council members’ knees started shivering. They both said in a shaky voice, “Um, Sophie, we did nothing to you. Let us pass. Please!”

“I haven’t wasted my time for you darlings. I came for the new teenager or I should say kiddo.” She gave a big smile and slowly changed it into a smirk. “Girl, around here I am the queen and everyone is my servant, including newbies like you. Whatever I say is always done. So, if you want to settle down here, you better leave because Mercer is Sophie’s kingdom. Oh! One more thing. Don’t forget to change that lip-gloss brand. It's making me want to vomit!

She sidled away on her short black heels as the councilors gave a huge sigh of relief.

Over the past few weeks, the comments that I received from Sophie kept getting worse and worse. The teachers were also were scared of Sophie, only because she was rich and because her mother was a lawyer and her father the Secretary of State.

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I went to the Guidance Counselor's office for advice. Tears streamed down my eyes as I told her the events that had happened. She understood my situation and said that she would talk to the principal about it.

On Monday, when I entered school, I didn’t find Sophie next to the Art room where she usually bullied me. I shrugged and walked past the school board. Then I stopped. I walked back to the board where a note was posted. It said that Sophie was suspended from the school. Actually suspended!

With a smile on my face, I glided to my first class.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Stories written by first-graders

Our first-graders were given this picture. They were asked to create their stories around it. It was the first time they had to write a story with three divisions of introduction, narration, and conclusion.

Cavin woke up in the morning for the race.
Everyone was clapping for him. He had practiced so hard for the race. He was exercising before the race. Then the race started. Everyone was cheering for him. He won the race. His parents were very happy.
His parents rushed to hug him.

Jam woke up to exercise.
A few children came for the competition. One man told them to go. Jam was in the lead. He won the race. Jam’s parents were very happy because Jam won the race.
Jam was also very happy.

Dev was practicing for a race.
He got up early every day for the practice. He practiced till 8 o’clock. On the day of the race, he won.
His parents brought him a gift.

Dave was practicing very hard for a race.
On the day of the race, he had milk and walnuts. He won and got the first prize. He was really happy. He started to jump up and down. he was very amazed that he won the first prize.
His mother and father gave him a big hug.

Kevin woke up at 4 a.m. and went to the stadium for a football competition. He got the first place. He won the ticket to Australia. His mother and his father kissed him. They gave him a gift. He opened the gift. There was a new football. He hugged them and said, “You are the best father and mother”. They left for Australia the next day.

Chirag was very happy because it was his birthday. He had called his friends for the birthday party. He got a lot of gifts. His mother and father were happy. The next day, he won a running race and puddle jumping. He was very happy. After school, he went home and ate his snacks. Then he went to play with his friends.

Kevin woke up in the morning and went to school. He was in a running race. Kevin won. His mom was very excited. His mom hugged him. His father gave a hug. 

There was a boy named Prayansh. One day, he went for a football competition. He won the competition. He was very happy. His mother and his father were very happy.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Nicky the big bully- by Dhriti V.

Image result for bully girl
Once, there lived a girl named Maya. She was 8 years old. She had a friend named Julie.

One day, Maya was playing with Julie. Just then, Nicky, an 8-year old bully, came by. Nicky said to Julie, “Julie, are you friends with Maya? I thought you aren't!” Julie asked Nicky if she was there to bully them. Nicky said yes and called Julie a baby. Julie began to cry. Maya said politely to Nicky that she shouldn't bully anyone. Nicky paused and said that she was only teasing, not bullying anyone. Maya explained how bullying was different from teasing.

Nicky realized her mistakes and promised never to bully anyone.

- By Dhriti Vadlamudi

Friday, December 20, 2019

Mother hen and chicks story

Our grade 2 kids tried their hands at very-short story writing. They were given no help. They had to create an 8-line sense out of the fragments given. They did a wonderful job this time. Here are their little gems:

One day, mumma hen and her chicks were very hungry. They saw rice on the ground. They started to eat.
While eating, the chicks got lost. Mumma hen was looking for them. She found them. They all carried rice and went back home. They ate carefully.
The chicks asked Mumma hen if they could play. Mumma hen said yes.  This time she went with them to keep an eye on them.

One day, the hen and her chicks wanted to meet their friends. The hen cooked food and left it outside the house. They went to their friends place then.
One hunter saw the food while passing by there. He kept the food in his bag and left. when the hen and her chicks returned, they saw that the food was not there. They became very sad. They went to the forest in search of food.
They found some grains. They became happy.

One day, mama hen and her chicks went to the market. When they came back, they were so hungry.
So mama hen went inside the kitchen. She saw there was nothing in the kitchen; it was empty. So they all went outside to look for food. Mama hen found a bag of grains. She called the chicks.
They made a hole in the bag of grains. They ate the grains.